Linux GZip Compression Tricks

GZip is one of the most powerful tools in reducing filesize. This tutorial helps newcomers in Linux on how to use gzip.

How to install Kernel Headers

It is important that linux kernel-headers is installed in your system. One reason is that some applications need to use kernel headers like VMWare Workstation.

Installing Skype in *Ubuntu

If you are a newcomer in linux, you may find that installing some applications are quite tricky before they run on your system. One of these apps is Skype.

PHP SQL Injection Prevention

Prevent sql injection between php and mysql database by using PDO prepared statements and php htmlentities and htmlspecialchars functions,

Coloring Bash Prompt

Coloring bash prompt is pretty easy. You just have to basically learn the basic color codes.

FFmpeg Tutorials

FFmpeg is a powerful tool for multimedia enhancements, conversions, encodings, recording, streaming, and other multimedia related stuffs. It supports many video codecs such as x264, vorbis, theora, xvid, and so on for video encoding.

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