Hackersh (Hacker Shell)

From its official site:

Hackersh ("Hacker Shell") is a free and open source (license) shell (command interpreter) written in Python with Pythonect-like syntax, builtin security commands, and out of the box wrappers for various security tools. It is like Unix pipeline, but for processing security information and metadata rather than bytes.

This is of course intended for linux security distributions like Kali Linux or BackTrack because of the tools that Hackersh will be using like nmap, w3af, nikto, etc. If you don’t have these tools then you’ll be missing its real purpose. But if you have the tools in your own linux box, then feel free to install it.

Pythonect is a dataflow programming language that combines shell scripting with flexibility of python, but still in experimental stage.

How to install Hackersh

I will use Kali Linux as my distro in this howto.

# To make sure pip is installed
$ apt-get install python-pip

Next, install Pythonect.

$ pip install pythonect

Finally, Hackersh.

$ pip install hackersh

Run hackersh on Kali by entering hackersh on your terminal and then read the author’s tutorial here.

Read more about Pythonect here.