Installing Skype in *Ubuntu

If you are a newcomer in linux, you may find that installing some applications are quite tricky before they run on your system. One of these apps is Skype.

Skype can be found in Software Center but most of the users are complaining because after installation, skype is not showing or running. So I prefer installing the deb package from skype. It depends on ia32-libs that also depends on other libraries.

Installing from DEB file is pretty easy.

First download the file from skype download page. Now open your terminal and follow the instructions below.

sudo dpkg ——install ——force-all /path/to/skypeDEBfile.deb

After running the above command, dpkg will show errors but continue and do the next one.

sudo apt-get install -f

Using apt-get will force download and install missing dependencies that skype needed to run properly.