Terra Terminal Emulator

Yow terminal lovers there! We’ve been wanting to have powerful terminal emulator for the past years. We had terminator and guake terminal emulators (as for me) that were good enough for multitasking. But good enough is not enough right?

This is Guake:


This is Terminator:


Now let’s welcome our new friend, Terra Terminal Emulator! It’s like guake + terminator = terra.

And this is Terra:

terra terminal emulator

It’s first public release was version 0.1.4. If you already have installed terra from its first version, then you have to only update your applicaton to its latest release 0.1.7 with lots of bug fixes.

Release notes below, for full release notes please read here:

  • libkeybinder3.0 is used instead of pure python and python-xlib based keybinder library
  • All XLib related crash and slow opening issues fixed.
  • Hide on lose focus feature re-enabled.
  • Select-by-word charachters added.
  • Change font size with +/-
  • TRANSLATORS file added.

Installing from ppa:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ozcanesen/terra-terminal
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install terra

To edit settings, just right click terra terminal then look for preferences.